Location Bruck

The oil mill in Bruck an der Leitha, with an annual processing capacity of approx. 350.000 to 400.000 tons, is one of a kind in Austria. It was built as a rape and sunflower mill with a processing capacity of 400 tons per day (120.000 tons/year) in 1987/1988 by a group of local investors, in order to produce oils as well as shreds for the Austrian market.

In 1992, the capacity was increased to 600 tons per day, and a biodiesel production line was installed. The company was taken over by Cereol in 1997. The same year, the line to produce full raffinate was installed, too. In 2003, the Cereol Group in turn was taken over by the Bunge Group, one of the world’s biggest trading and processing companies of oil and grain seeds.

The company with currently approx. 90 employees has been controlled by the management of Bunge Deutschland GmbH since 2006, and both plants work together very closely in all production-related as well as administrative areas.

In 2013, the Novaol Austria GmbH, a biodiesel plant with an annual processing capacity of approx. 95000 tons which had been operated as a joint venture, was fully taken over in order to achieve an even more efficient execution of the highly interdependent production processes. 


Bunge Austria GmbH


  • Rapeseed Oil
  • Sunflower Oil


  • Rapeseed Extraction Meal
  • Sunflower Meal
  • Crude Oil

Novaol Austria GmbH

  • Biodiesel
  • Vegetable Crude Glycerin


Bunge Austria GmbH 
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