About Walter Rau Neusser Öl und Fett AG

Walter Rau Neusser Öl und Fett AG (WRAG) offers vegetable oils and fats for the food industry and other fields of application. The company produces high value functional oils and fats with a special focus on innovative food applications. The products are supplied throughout Europe mainly to food processing enterprises as well as to food service providers. WRAG has around 200 employees. The company has a production plant in Neuss, with two production lines. These allow high capacities for the refining and modification processes of vegetable crude oils. In addition, WRAG is able to offer especially coordinated functional oils and fats in different forms of delivery and packaging units.

Specialist for functional oils and fats

WRAG is one of Europe’s most specialized producers of functional oils and fats with worldwide customers from the food industry and catering trade. In the last 100 years the company could acquire valuable knowledge in the processing of oils and fats – especially in the field of specific applications in the target industries.

Long-term customers and extraordinary application expertise

WRAG is partner of prestigious customers to whom belong in particular large companies of the international food and confectionary industry as well as fast food restaurant chains. The company maintains mainly long-term customer relations with advantages for both sides, by common innovations and tailor-made services.  Thus WRAG developed significant application expertise and is able to offer high functional compositions of over 50 individual crude oils and refining types.

Versatile products and wide range of raw materials

The company is targeted on the processing and distribution of functionally specified products of vegetable oils and fats. By the steady expansion of a flexible production plant WRAG could clearly increase the amount of technical demanding products in comparison to the overall portfolio. At the same time this flexibility regarding raw materials allows a tailor-made offer with more than 350 compositions.  

Flexible production and processing technologies

Walter Rau has continuously adapted its productions and filling plant to the particular needs of their target markets. To those efforts also belongs the offer of an exceptional flexibility regarding profitable and manageable batch sizes as well as a unique variation of individual filling and packaging possibilities. Furthermore, an excellent system-based production process as well as the highest transparency allow easy process controls and therefore lay the foundation for an excellent production performance and flexibility.

High-quality products and experienced employees


By the employment of high-qualified and experienced employees Walter Rau ensures the best quality of their products. In addition to a wide range of quality certifications the production profits from an extensive quality management system and sustainability certificates linked to the food industry. 


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