Westfälische Lebensmittelwerke Lindemann GmbH & Co. KG

Tradition, innovation and vision

Respect and appreciation for what previous generations have accomplished have been the hallmarks of this leading food sector enterprise for more than 100 years.

"In order to shape your own future you need to know your roots".

This is the motto that has guided Lindemann in the course of its history from a producer of cooking margarines for private homes to a leading supplier of margarines, fats and oils for trades, gastronomy, industry and the retail food sector.

Forward-looking investment in a modern production of mixtures and concentrates in 1999 and the current extension of the Bünde production site, with a view to efficient and sustainable operation, underscore this company’s leadership drive.

Tradition is our basis

We have been making margarines, fats and oils for more than 100 years.

Innovation is our strength.

According to the latest trends and market developments, we are continually working on building our main pillars:


First-class quality guaranteed, including all our customized product solutions.


Tailor-made concepts and on-trend recipes are created at our in-house research and development centre.


Our factory in Bünde is one of the most modern and most efficient in Europe. We continually invest in
our production facilities.


Das LINDEMANN service concept is unique with its answers to all relevant customer
requirements and desires.

Social responsibility

A responsible attitude to employees, customers and business associates.


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