We continually strive for excellent product quality. We offer fitting solutions for the food, technical and biofuel industries. To guarantee consistent high quality, our internal laboratory steadily monitors our production process to ensure compliance with our product specifications. The incoming rapeseed is immediately checked for pesticides prior to putting it into production. The process is constantly monitored using physio-chemical analysis to prevent quality deviations. In addition, all products are monitored by external, certified laboratories.

The QM team meets on a regular basis and discusses and implements measures to improve our quality management system. The goal is not only to meet the quality requirements but also to run a constant improvement cycle for our processes.

QM team meetings take place on a regular basis and measures are discussed and put into action. This leads to a continuous improvement cycle within the quality management system. If necessary, the Quality Manager calls the team together for additional meetings to rapidly bring about the necessary decisions on current events.

Since 1995, the oil mill in Mannheim has been certified according to the latest quality standards. The corresponding certificates are available in our download section.

Because quality is one of the most important keys to success, Bunge Deutschland GmbH is committed to the Bunge Europe Quality Policy.